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October 8, 2020

Panda Global adds Justin Wong to content team

One of the most legendary fighting game players Justin “Jwong” Wong will be joining Panda Global as a content creator. The team announced the news with a video on YouTube, once again stating that he’ll mostly be working on creating video content for them.

Over the past few months Wong has been focussing his talents more on streaming and producing video content as a result of COVID-19. Due to the virus, almost all of the fighting game tournaments have either been delayed or cancelled, not allowing Wong to compete right now. Wong has already spoken out about his distaste towards online qualifiers when it comes to fighting game titles.

Panda Global released a statement on their website where Wong talks about his feelings surrounding the team and his decision to join them. “I am super excited to be working alongside Panda Global as a staff member and content creator. I love the way Panda treats all their players, content creators and staff because it really resembles family and I hope I can offer them the same amount of love and positivity as they have given me. Excited to see what happens from here!”

On Twitter Panda Global already had some banter with Jwong, roasting his sometimes questionable tier list picks and establishing the dynamic they’ll have with him within the team.

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Image Credit: Panda Global
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