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New Star Wars Open World Game announced by Ubisoft

LucasFilm Games is bringing out the big guns and announced a story-driven, open world Star Wars game.

A brand new RPG is headed for the galaxy far, far away. In cooperation with Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment Studio, heralded for Tom Clancy’s The Division 1&2, fans have quite a treat to look forward to.

Details are still scarce as the game was only announced but the newest entry already marks a departure. Until now EA Games had been the only developer holding the official Star Wars license but now their French competitors Ubisoft are here.

While the Star Wars franchise will no longer be bound to EA Games, Douglas Reilly, LucasFilm Games’ Vice President said the following on starwars.com: “We’re really proud of the games we have created with EA. We will continue working with them and our relationship has never been stronger. While we may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, we’ve got a number of projects underway with the talented teams at EA.”

Coupled with the statement that LucasFilm Games have “a lot of stuff” ready to share with their fans, we can look forward to a lot more new stories in a galaxy far, far away.

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Image Credits: EA Games