Among Us
November 5, 2020

New Map and Friend Lists headed to Among Us

Among Us has been the game to play and watch on Twitch recently. Developer Innersloth has now released a new patch and a provisionary roadmap.

Since the official announcement to scrap Among Us 2 and instead improve the current game developer Innersloth has been hard at work. Now a first minor patch was released. Subsequent updates will also feature a new map among other features.

New map & user accounts inbound

In regards to the new map that is in development Innersloth has not released too many details yet. They said that it will be larger than the current largest map Polus and that it will be based on the lesser-known Innersloth series, Henry Stickmin. Once the map is done it will be shipped in a free update for all players.

Another key feature in future updates will be user accounts. This will enable a reporting system against toxic or cheating players. Later on Innersloth is also planning to release friend lists to enable players to play together more easily.

Next up on Innersloth’s roadmap is improved accessability of Among Us. In order to widen the community they are working on translations to more languages as well as a colerblind mode.

New options introduced in the patch

The now implemented patch has brought two new options to the game settings. Anonymous voting will make the game harder for the crewmates as voting patterns will not be able to be traced that easily anymore. Another option to make the game easier for imposters regards the progress bar for tasks. Hosts can now choose to only update the bar during meetings or even hide it entirely.
Furthermore the patch also tackled some cheating avenues and hotfixed them. The full patch notes can be found here:
Official Patch Notes

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Image Credit: Innersloth
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