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Microsoft might be interested in buying Discord (for $10 billion)

According to sources stemming from Bloomberg, Microsoft is in talks to acquire popular voice chat and community platform Discord.

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Discord has apparently put itself out on the market and there are some interested buyers lining up for the popular platform. According to Bloomberg Microsoft is one of the frontrunners when it comes to acquiring Discord, as they potentially would be willing to pay 10 billion dollars. Other companies are also rumored to be interested in Discord (Epic Games and Amazon have reportedly talked to Discord in the past), which launched back in 2015 and currently has more than 250 million registered users to its name.

While both parties are reportedly talking about an acquisition, nothing is set in stone yet. In the article Bloomberg also reported on the possibility of Discord going public, a scenario which is a lot more likely according to one of their sources. It would allow Discord to get more funding without selling itself.

Microsoft recently already appeared in the news with a similar update, albeit for a different company, as they acquired Bethesda (ZeniMax Media) for a sum of 7.5 billion dollars and with it multiple huge gaming franchises. The company has made multiple moves to acquire different platforms with big and established user bases, making Discord a logical next step.

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