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Lost Ark logs over 23 million hours of watch time on Twitch in 2 days

Even though Lost Ark is still in early access since the release here in the West, the MMORPG has been doing insane numbers.

While many people were excited for Lost Ark to release in the West, not many people would have expected the success the MMORPG would enjoy upon launching. In the last 48 hours that the game has been released, it’s been doing incredibly well on Twitch, netting over 23 million hours of watch time on twitch, making it the second-most successful launch on the platform ever, second only to VALORANT. It outperformed similar games such as New World in a record-breaking time.

Lost Ark even peaked at over 1.28 concurrent viewers at a time, with many of the top content creators on the platform trying their hand at the game. Streamers such as Asmongold have recorded a viewership well over 200,000 and he also broke his personal record for concurrent viewers.

What’s next?

With the game set to come out of early access, it’ll be interesting to see how viewership progresses. Similar titles have noted similar results but failed to maintain viewership afterwards, such as New World did. While a decline is to be expected, it’ll remain to be seen if Lost Ark can remain competitive when it comes to viewership.

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