Worlds 2020 Song: "Take Over"
September 17, 2020
League of Legends

League of Legends Worlds 2020 song is out now – Take Over

Update: Riot has officially unveiled the LoL Worlds 2020 song: Take Over.

The new Worlds song is here, so get ready to play it on repeat:

This year’s song features singer Jeremy McKinnon from A Day to Remember alongside music industry giants MAX and Henry Lau. Together they produced an electronic track that should get the blood pumping for every League of Legends fan.

As usual the song is accompanied by an animated short film. “Take Over” pictures the story of a League player fighting his way through numerous opponents to the Worlds 2020 stage. The movie also features cameos by well-known players like Faker, Mata or Tian.

“Take Over” is available now on most streaming services.

Original article:
Just like every year since 2014 we’ll be getting a special theme song for the League of Legend World Championship (or Worlds), Riot Games confirmed. The company now put out a small teaser for the song of this year and also told us when we can expect a full release.

In a Twitter post on the official League of Legends account we get to see a small 5-second clip which prominently features the date September 17 paired with the hashtag #Worlds2020. Apparently the name of the Worlds 2020 song is going to be ‘Take Over’ and it will be revealed on September 17 at 17:00 CEST.

The League of Legends Worlds song is something a lot of League fans look forward to every year, with Riot Games often partnering with big artists. In the past they’ve worked together with Image Dragons, Zed and Against The Current while also featuring community figures such as Nicky Taylor. There’s a good chance there’ll also be an animated video to go along with the song, like they’ve done almost every year.

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After finishing up the group draw for the play-in and group stage of Worlds 2020, the play-in phase is set to start on September 25. The Worlds main event however will start on October 3. For an overview of all teams that will be participating and the groups they’ve been put into, you can check out our most recent article on the subject.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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