Yone and Ashe receive Nerf
July 31, 2020
League of Legends

LoL – Ashe and Yone receive nerf on PBE

Riot is continuously working on patch 10.16 for League of Legends. On the test servers Ashe and the new champion Yone receive some nerfs.

Not yet released and already too strong. That’s the state the new champion Yone is in. Currently he can only be tested on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and will go live with patch 10.16 that is due next week.

His base HP per level are now reduced from 95 to 85 points. His W Spirit Cleave also loses some power due to its attack being lowered by one percent per level and also granting the champion only 40-60 shield instead of 40-75.

Ashe currently is one of the strongest ADCarries. She only receives a small nerf in the testing environment. Her Q “Ranger’s Focus” got a slight nerf in attack speed, which will now only increase five instead of ten percent per level.

As the patchnotes mentioned, none of these changes are final and some of them could be revoked before 10.16 hits the live servers.

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Image source: Riot
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