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LEC Summer Split 2021 Power Ranking – Which rosters look stronger (or weaker)?

The LEC starts on Friday June 11, so we’re taking a look at all the roster while making up a Power Ranking of all competing teams.

10. Excel

Excel will have a tough road ahead. No more Tore and especially no more Czekolad will mean a lot less consistency and a lot less star power. It’s a roster that doesn’t really excel at anything and doesn’t have a particular style attached to it. Jungler Dan has been mostly invisible in the first split and Kryze has been an up-and-down player so far. With nukeduck taking the reigns in mid lane, it feels like Excel has downgraded. As Patrik is still in the bot lane, there’s always a glimmer of hope, but it’s faint.

9. Astralis

Astralis has one of those rosters that could potentially make a surprise climb, mostly looking at mid laner MagiFelix and jungler Zanzarah, who you should be looking towards to make a difference. Both players still have tremendous upside and this might just be the split they get to pop off. Top laner WhiteKnight has struggled the past split however, and their bot lane has felt mediocre, especially on the promisq side, while Jeskla has shown glimpses of form.

8. SK Gaming

From place 8 to 4, things seem a lot harder to predict. SK Gaming made a drastic change, moving Treatz, arguably the strongest player in the entire roster, from the support to the jungle position. His replacement, Jesiz, has been out of the loop for a while and doesn’t have a lot of rhythm going which might make things in the bot lane more difficult. With mid laner Blue also missing the first week of matches, as academy mid laner twohoyrz subs in, SK Gaming might just find itself in trouble early.

7. Schalke 04

Schalke made two big changes, as Abbedagge joined up with 100 Thieves they lost one of their key pieces, now relying on NUCLEARINT to fill those shoes, which might prove risky. Putting Gillius on the bench and getting Kirei is also a risk. While Gillius is known as a streaky player, when he hits those highs he can look unbeatable. Overall Schalke 04 still has a strong roster, but will have to overhaul their style of play significantly, which might pose issues.

6. Fnatic

When it comes to Fnatic, you don’t even know what to predict anymore. One of the best top laners, albeit mediocre last split, in Europe (Bwipo) has swapped to jungle and Selfmade has left. Bringing in Adam gives them a talented top laner that enjoys aggressive play, opening up options. Nisqy and Upset have been stable players throughout the Spring Split, but eyes will be on Hylissang as an experienced voice within the team. Mostly everything here rides or dies with Bwipo in the jungle. If Fnatic can fix the obvious synergy issues they had and OVERaggressive play, they’ll thrive. If not, Worlds look very far off.

5. Misfits Gaming

I like Misfits Gaming. They’ve been building silently in the background and they seemingly have found their groove throughout the Spring Split, to the point I’m fully expecting them to emerge from the current LEC chaos to reach the playoffs. Vetheo is a talented, hungry and young mid laner with tons of upside and Kobbe and Vander work well as a bot lane duo. Top laner HiRiT is also known to be flexible in his playstyle, which helps out the team and gives them so much options.

4. Team Vitality

Putting Vitality in fourth place is a risk, but they did assemble the pieces to possibly complete the puzzle. They’ve added a lot of individual threats to the roster in the form of top laner SLT, jungler Selfmade and mid laner LIDER. All of them players who can carry a game on their own and demolish their opponent. Crownshot and Labrov are probably one of the strongest bot lanes in the LEC right now. There is still uncertainty however, as Selfmade comes from a mediocre Spring Split and SLT and LIDER will have to find their way in the team. They might struggle early on in the split, but they should be geared up to reach the playoffs.

3. G2 Esports

G2 Esports mostly remains a question mark. There’s no doubt the individual talent is there, of course also keeping the same roster, but they do seem to lack some leadership and coherence ever since Perkz left. Jungler Jankos has also arguably underperformed this last split and their drafts didn’t always pan out that great. Still, with so much individual talent and experience, nobody is counting out G2 Esports. Top laner Wunder is even playing soloqueue again. If that doesn’t strike fear into your heart, nothing will.

2. Rogue

Rogue came close to winning it all last split and even looked like the most consistent team going into the finals. Having kept their roster together, they should have ironed out a few of the issues that plagued them, such as facing difficulty closing out games. Top laner Odoamne will enter the split extremely motivated, as he won’t let another shot at a title slip through their fingers, while bot laner Hans Sama has grown into a possible option to carry games for Rogue.

1. MAD Lions

Nobody is disrespecting MAD Lions anymore after their showing at MSI, despite lots of people questioning their strength. They took LCK Champions (and Worlds winner) DWG KIA to five games and looked solid all around. Make no mistake, MAD Lions is the team to beat this season and their bot lane of Carzzy and Kaiser might just be the strongest one around, while jungler Elyoya continues to impress.

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