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League of Legends Worlds patch 11.19 is here – Vex makes debut and many nerfs geared towards pro players

Patch 11.19 is bringing Vex to players along with countless nerfs.

Patch 11.19 is the final patch to League of Legends before Worlds. Consequently, many of the changes brought in 11.19 are geared toward pro players. This patch will set the Worlds 2021 meta, along with bringing Vex to players and several new skins.

The list of buffs is quite long and looking to establish a very standard meta before the start of the event. Several midlane champions have seen continuous buffs that will likely lead to them being consistent picks. Qiyana, Sylas, and Galio can all be expected to be mainstays in Worlds 2021. Along with this, several toplane champions including Aatrox, Renekton, Mordekaiser, and Sion.

There are several champions facing nerfs before Worlds 2021. Many of the previous pre-world patches have targeted the botlanes and ADCs, while 11.19 continues to target Varus. Along with this, Ryze and Kennen will significant bans targeted toward pro players that may render them obsolete during Worlds 2021.

Not attached to pro-play, Vex will be enabled for play. Vex will not be available for play at Worlds 2021, but causal and ranked players can enjoy the new ‘gloomy’ themed Yordle control mage. The prospective midlaner is the last champion to be added from the Sentinels of Light and Ruination events, following the Viego storyline. Though the pick appears strong now, we will likely see countless quick fixes to the champion in coming patches.

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