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League of Legends: Wild Rift is testing out preferred positions in Ranked

As more and more people are exploring the ranked options of Wild Rift, the game will now let you choose your preferred position.

Adding position preference in Ranked play was a hotly debated topic among Wild Rift players, who felt like it was a necessary change. Riot Games decided to answer their calls and yesterday pushed out the new feature, allowing players to select their position ahead of a match. “It’s still possible to get any position due to fair matchmaking, position popularity, and queue size, but you’ll have more control over your preferences, even if you don’t get your top choice.”

Riot Games reaffirmed that this is just a test in their development diary, which is why they set up the Position Lab, which is seeded by current rankings of players while not affecting ranks. “We do expect queue times to be longer than normal because not everyone will want to play in the experimental queue,” Riot said. “While we cannot guarantee you’ll never get your least favorite position, we’re aiming for you to get your top two in a majority of games.”

The Position Lab will run for only a few days starting with patch 2.2, allowing Riot to explore the viability of the idea for integration in Ranked play. The test won’t be available in the Americas however. “One quick note for players in the Americas: we won’t be running this test in your region. As the server will still be new, we don’t want to divide up the queues too much.”

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Image credit: Riot Games