Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online
September 20, 2020

How to watch Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online – Streams, Schedule & more

Usually the Tokyo Game Show is one of the highlights of the gaming year. However due to the pandemic there was a change of plans. Here is how you can enjoy the subsititute online program to enjoy the show from home.

To accomodate the various different companies and programs during the Tokyo Game Show the organisers will be hosting three different streams from September 24 to 27.


The streams will be on a variety of platforms including YouTube and Twitch. We have embedded the English stream for your convenience below:

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Streaming Schedule
Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Streaming Schedule | Reminder that all times are Japanese Standard Time.
Which Games will be featured?

Although the pandemic has prevented the usualy exhibition, players can still look forward to plenty of announcements during these days. With Square Enix, ATLUS, SEGA, CAPCOM, Koei Tecmo, Konami and Bandai Namco all in attendance the Japanese developers are out in full force.

While Square Enix will probably not release any further information for the just revealed Final Fantasy XVI, their portfolio still has plenty of titles like Nier Replicant’s remake that could be featured during the show.

CAPCOM will likely share more details for their two newly announced Monster Hunter titles, so make sure to set aside some time on Friday to tune in. Other publishers and developers have also brought plenty of games with them and maybe we might be treated to a gem like last year’s Death Stranding announcement.

You can find the full program on the official Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Website. Make sure to turn the language to English by clicking on the triangle in the upper right corner.

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Image Credit: Tokyo Game Show
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