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How to get All-Star by Smash Mouth in Rocket League

Now you can be an all-star too.

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For a limited time, players can All-Star by Smash Mouth as their Player Anthem. The song will be available for purchase for 300 credits. The song won’t stay in the shop for long however, so you should plan to act fast if you to equip this iconic song. All-star is designated as a ‘Feature Item’ meaning that the Player Anthem will be rotated off shelves after the 48-hour period it was released in.

The song is by far the most famous hit from the band Smash Mouth. The song gained initial popularity after being featured in the movie Shrek, and a cult-like fanbase has only continued the song, and band’s, recent popularity in media. The item will undoubtedly be a rare addition to anyone’s collection. As far as it seems, there is no other way to unlock the song and there is no indication that the anthem will return.

A Player Anthem is a song bite that plays after a match is over, a player is awarded an MVP, makes a goal, or gets an epic save. With the All-Star Player Anthem equipped, the song’s iconic chorus will play when any of these events occur. The song can accompany the unique All-Star player title, but only have a limited time to obtain the song before it departs from the store.

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Image Credits: Rocket League