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Getting Guide to Freedom in Genshin Impact

Looking to level up your characters and in need of Guide of Freedom? Let’s take a look at what needs to be done.

If you want to get Guide to Freedom, you’ll have to make your way to Domain of Mastery the Forsaken Rift, which you’ll find in Mondstadt. To be able to enter the Forsaken Rift there are some things you’ll have to take care of first. There’s only one requirement that’s set in stone, which is being Adventure Rank 28. To make things easier for yourself, being above level 50 and having access to both Electro and Pyro would be great.

As rewards are rotated depending on the day, you can get Guide to Freedom on Monday, Thursday and Sunday (the latter offering a free selection) when you’ve got access to Frosted Altar. If you manage to beat Frosted Altar II, you’ll get Guide to Freedom and 1-3 teaching of Freedom alongside it. Completing it requires you to kill all enemies within 6 minutes. If you’re above Adventure Rank 36, Frosted Altar III is an option, giving you 1-3 Guide to Freedom at the price of higher difficulty, having to defeat 8 opponents in 6 minutes, split up in two waves. To claim the reward you’ll need 20 original Resin or one Condensed Resin (the latter offering double rewards).

Of course the Domains of Mastery have a Ley Line Disorder, which is (slightly) different for Frosted Alter II & III.

  • Ley Line Disorder: Your character will be periodically inflicted with Condensed Ice, greatly increasing your Stamina Consumption until the inflicted Cryo element is removed. (If III: Icicles will periodically fall from above, dealing Cryo Damage.)

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