October 18, 2020
League of Legends

G2 Esports win convincingly, knock Gen.G out of Worlds 2020

Today G2 Esports took on Gen.G in the knockout stage of Worlds 2020, with the winner securing a spot in the semi-final. Ultimately it was G2 Esports that was able to win three matches in a row, defeating Gen.G with a convincing 3-0 scoreline and moving on to the next stage.

G2 Esports was able to find leads in almost all games, finding fights across the map thanks to excellent roaming from support player Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle on picks such as Rakan and Pantheon. The absolute standout player was G2 mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard however, who was able to impress a lot on champions like Sylas and Twisted Fate. This G2 Esports look like they might be a legitimate contender to win it all.

All the knockout stage matches have now concluded and the semifinal matchups are known. First up are Top Esports, who knocked out Fnatic after an exciting series, and Suning, who defeated JD Gaming. G2 Esports will have to take on the absolute tournament favourites in DAMWON Gaming, who easily defeated DRX. The first series (G2 versus DWG) will be played on 24 October, with the TES versus SN matchup being played on 25 October.

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Image Credit: Riot Games / Lolesports
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