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Fnatic say they “never got an answer” from G2 Esports regarding Perkz

Things have been in motion during the League of Legends offseason and one of the biggest stories is the one of Luka “Perkz” Perković moving to LCS team Cloud9. According to Fnatic they wanted to move in to sign Perkz to their roster as well but didn’t receive an answer from G2 Esports.

Michael “Veteran” Archer tweeted out that moving to Cloud9 wasn’t Perkz’ choice, insinuating that G2 Esports didn’t engage in talks with Fnatic. To this G2 Esports head of Research and Development, Jamie “z1n0” Henneberg Bach, responded that this was misinformation. However, recent information that surfaced after a livestream by Javier “Dardo” de Jáudenes and Fnatic founder and CEO Sam Matthews seems to suggest otherwise.


Dardo says they were interested in Perkz and wanted to talk to G2 Esports about the possibilities. “The reality is we approached G2 Esports to ask permission to talk to Perkz and to see if they were open to start conversations regarding this operation. We never got an answer from them.”

To follow that statement Dardo also spoke about the financial aspect of moving in for Perkz and how it’d be difficult to match NA interest. “We were ready to go very ham (hard) on this operation, but obviously if the rumors of the financials in that operation from NA are true, we would not have been able to reach that level.” He goes on to further acknowledge the worth of signing someone like Perkz.

New mid laner

With Perkz not available Fnatic looked for another mid laner, eventually finding one in Cloud9’s Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer, who played for Fnatic Academy back in 2016 and who already has a history in Europe with Splyce. The signing was made public yesterday.

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Image Credit: Riot Games