Interview with Fnatic's Nemesis at Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 1
October 3, 2020
League of Legends

Fnatic.Nemesis: “Always draft and play like a team, even if it’s bad or even if you have the wrong approach.”

After Fnatic won their opening match of Worlds 2020 against TSM we caught up with Mid Laner Nemesis. In the interview we talked about Fnatic’s group, the strength of the regions and the lessons from Fnatic’s Summer Split.

In their first match of Worlds 2020 Fnatic faced North America’s number one seed, Team SoloMid. After the Europeans won, we sat down with Mid Laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek for a chat. Congratulations on winning against TSM. With your first victory in the bag, let’s look towards the next matches. Before your match LGD and Gen.G played. Was there anything special that you need to prepare for before facing either of them?

Nemesis: I don’t think that game showed anything in particular. They just played normal League of Legends, the game went to the lategame and it was down to execution.

Gen.G won the match against LGD so you are both 1-0 now. Do you think Fnatic’s match against Gen.G will determine the first seed of this group or did the other teams just not show up today?

That might be the case. But first of all tomorrow is the match against LGD and we have to first win that one, before we can look forward to the next one. And every match is important in group stage, so we have to prepare for every match.

Which Jungler/Mid duo are you looking forward to facing in your group?

I don’t have a preference I want to play against all of them, but the strongest duo is probably Bdd and Clid.

And which duo do you think is the strongest at Worlds 2020?

Showmaker and Canyon from DAMWON Gaming.

With the first day of the group stage over, the LEC teams all won their opening matches despite MAD Lions losing in the Play-Ins. How strong do you think the LEC teams are at this year’s Worlds?

Every team has a chance to make it out of the groups. And after that it will depend on who adapts the most and who plays better on the day.

So which region are you looking out for the most?

Right now I feel like LCK is stronger than other regions this year.

Back during the Summer Split Fnatic struggled quite a bit before Playofffs. In the Playoffs you did well but lost in the finals to G2 yet again. What do you think were the most important lessons you got from that experience in Summer?

Hmmm…probably the need to be more prepared. Always draft and play like a team, even if it’s bad or even if you have the wrong approach. It is the better way of playing.

How well have you transferred those lessons to the Worlds stage? How well was your preparation for Worlds 2020?

Well, we have tried to work on those in our scrims in the past weeks so hopefully we can show it off at Worlds.

Which placement would you have to reach to satisfy your own expectations at Worlds?

I can’t speak for the others but for myself the only satisfying place is winning it all.

Thank you very much and best of luck for the upcoming matches.

Thank you.

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