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First Strike will be League of Legends first new Rune and will replace Omnistone

First Strike will be added to Inspiration Rune pages in the approaching preseason.

The 2022 preseason is set to release a great deal of new content into League of Legends. Along with new dragons, social changes, and new items, changes will come to player’s rune pages as well. First Strike will be the first new addition to the rune pages ever since its revamp.

The Inspiration rune is set to replace Omnistone. The past rune never quite found its place in any meta since its arrival, as it left much of its benefits up to chance. In Riot Games’ developer update, John “Sotere” Frank stated they decided not to buff Omnistone out of fear that it would be only to serve professional play.

True to its name, First Strike is a keystone meant for Champions who seek to engage fights both in-lane and out. The keystone gives five bonus gold and proccs ‘first strike’ for three seconds. During this, attacks deal 12% bonus damage against all enemy Champions. The cooldown scales based on level.

This extra damage is ideal for trade heavy Champions and will incentive skirmishing by providing both extra damage and gold. Outside of the laning phase, engage heavy champions with area of effect abilities will also likely benefit from this rune as well.

Though Omnistone is on the way out, players will have a few more weeks with the fading keystone before the start of the preseason. First Strike will make its debut on everyone’s rune pages at the start of the 2022 offseason.

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