Final Fantasy XVI
September 17, 2020

Final Fantasy XVI announced – More Info to come in 2021

It is finally time for another mainline entry to the Final Fantasy Franchise. In the PlayStation 5 showcase on September 16. Square Enix officially revealed the sixteenth Final Fantasy.

It has been four years since Final Fantasy XV launched. However Square Enix have not been just idling their thumbs since then. While details are still far and few in between the first trailer looks promising:

The trailer not only features franchise long stays like Shiva, Titan, Phoenix or Ifrit, the setting also seems to be returning to a “classic medieval” fantasy world instead of the more technologically advanced scenarios from the last mainline titles.

The story most likely also span several years if not decades as we can see the protagonist growing up in the course of the trailer. Gameplay-wise the scenes shown focused on the main character and the customary party seems absent. Whether or not a party will feature in FFXVI remains to be seen. However FFXVI’s producer Naoki Yoshida stated, that the shown footage only “represents a fraction” of the work the team has already done on the upcoming game.

Two Veteran Developers for FFXVI

Producer Naoki Yoshida has earned himself a stellar record by playing a key role in the “relaunch” of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which he will continue to work for in addition to his involvement in Final Fantasy XVI. Meanwhile Hiroshi Takai is in charge as Director for FFXVI, himself also a veteran at Square Enix, who not only worked on FFXIV, but also on The Last Remnant and the Romancing SaGa franchise.

With two veterans at the helm Square Enix is certainly trying to make sure the development hell of Final Fantasy XV (From announcement as Final Fantasy XIII Versus to release the game took almost 10 years to publish) will not repeat itself for their next mainline title.

Details on the upcoming game are still few and fans will have to be patient. On their official page producer Yoshida said that more information will only be revealed in 2021.

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Image Credit: Square Enix
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