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Capcom Scandal Sexual Harrassment

EVO Online 2020 cancelled amidst wave of scandals in FGC

The recent wave of scandals in the wider gaming scene has now reached the close-knit Fighting Games Community. In the wake of the revelations EVO Online 2020 has been cancelled entirely.

The new accusation wave rolled over numerous people involved in the scene. EVO’s CEO Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar was among the implicated personalities. With severe allegations against him consisting of sexual harrasment and pedophillia he was first put on administrative leave before being removed by the organiser.

Talent and games withdraw from EVO Online 2020

After the first accusations were made public several players and personalities withdrew from the event, NetherRealm Studios took it a step further and removed their title Mortal Kombat 11 from the game roster.

Although Capcom games were not to be played in the online competition due to poor netcode, the Japanese developer was slated to have a exhibition side event at the online tournament. After the allegations were made Capcom also cancelled their participation at EVO Online 2020.

Cancellation and restructuring

On July 3 EVO relieved Joey Cuellar from his duties at the company and cancelled the online tournament entirely. EVO’s co-founder Tony Cannon will take over as acting CEO with priority to increase accountability at EVO and its tournaments.

In their statement EVO stressed out that they aim to make the scene a stronger and safer culture  that speaks up against misconduct and injustice.

Tickets will be refunded to the fans and players with the equivalent proceeds going to Project HOPE, an international health care organisation.

Allegations of sexual harrassment and pedophillic behavior

In a TwitLonger PyronIkari was the first the raise accusations against Joey Cuellar.

In it he detailled allegations of sexual harrassment and Cuellar paying an underaged boy money to see his genitals. Cuellar was also accused of giving tokens to teenage boys for jumping into a pool with just their underwear on.

Cuellar responded to the allegations with an apology, shortly before EVO issued their statement.

EVO is set to return in 2021 at Las Vegas.

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