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Esports Legends: Bjergsen

Having recently retired, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg goes down in the League of Legends history books as an amazing player. Let’s take a look at this career and his new assignment of leading TSM as their head coach.

Having had a rough childhood as a child Bjergsen found what some people would call “inner peace” in doing what he loves: League of Legends. This asset gave him an extraordinary positive mental attitude, being able to bring this mindset to newer players and holding his own in one of the most internationally known and renowned esport teams in the world.

Born in February 1996, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg started his professional esports career with Copenhagen Wolves during the third week of the EU LCS. Due to the age limit within the competition, Bjergsen wasn’t able to start playing sooner. Despite starting out from such a young age, Bjergsen rapidly established himself as a legend in the midlane, moving on to Ninjas in Pyjamas later on. After his debut and some time in Europe, he moved to North America and over the years became one of the most well-known and loved faces of TSM.

Around the World

In 2015, TSM was the North American representative in the Intel Extreme Master Season IX World Championship. During that tournament it became clear that Bjersen was a powerhouse that should not be messed with. Gaining fame with picks like Leblanc and especially Syndra, he dominated other opponents and was not only able to solo kill opponents on a regular basis, but he also set some sky-high CS numbers. In this tournament TSM also achieved their first ever win against a Korean team.

During the world finals in 2015 TSM was also drafted in the so-called “Group of Death”. TSM ended up placing last in the group, losing to such teams as Origen, LGD Gaming and KT Rolster. Bjergsen did however hold his own against some of the best mid laners in the world and showed what an integral part he was to the success of TSM.

A rock in the mid lane

After the rocky honeymoon weeks at the end of 2015, his team underwent several roster changes in the preseason of 2016. Teams around the world were not only interested in getting Bjergen on their team themselves, because of his prowess as a midlaner, but also because of his calming attitude and how he was able to lead a team. Bjergsen became famous because of his level head, never tilting and always being a steady rock to bring tranquility when it was needed most.

Throughout his entire career, at least in the public eye, he never expressed any intent of leaving TSM. Instead always looking to improve what he already had and not seeking out something better somewhere else. This philosophy could also be found in his gameplay on the rift, often picking champions that weren’t played much at the time but still succeeding in using them. An example of this is a champion like Zilean, which up until recently he used to great success in the LCS.

Closing time

In more recent years TSM ended up more as a middle of the pack team and Bjergsen adapted accordingly. The setbacks that his team suffered were globally never seen as a drop in his personal performance. This led to him being given the name “孤儿院院长” & “神带四眼” in china which translates to “Principal of the Orphanage” & “A God with four wards” respectively due to the perception that he is the one that carries his team.

Bjergsen’s appearance at Worlds in 2020 would also be his last one, albeit rather disappointing. TSM would go on to lose all their matches in group C, ending up with a 0-6 record. As it turned out however, Bjergsen wasn’t done with League of Legends, and TSM for that matter.

Retirement and coaching

Bjergsen would go on to retire following his final stint at Worlds and, just like Doublelift would go on to do, he made room for new talent and a new era within the LCS. His replacement at TSM would end up being Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage. Later both TSM and Bjergsen announced he’ll now try his hand at coaching, becoming the head coach over at TSM. In a way he’s the former superstar who’ll get to guide the new talent to stardom.

Some of Bjergsen’s most notable achievements:

  • Bjergsen is one of only two players to ever get a pentakill in both the European and the American scene
  • He’s the fourth player to reach a thousand kills in the LCS
  • Bjergsen was a four-time MVP
  • He’s also the second player ever to move to the NA LCS from the EU LCS and arguably the first one to become a superstar
  • He has the widest variety of bans ever thrown towards a single player in the LCS

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