Ryan Morrison dismissed from Esports Bar Association
June 25, 2020

Esports Bar Association removes Ryan Morrison after allegations of misconduct

On June 24 the Esports Bar Association announced that they have removed Ryan Morrison, also known as the “Video Game Attorney” from his positions as board member and Vice President of the association.

In the wake of the recent revelations in the wider gaming scene Morrison had also come under scrutiny. In a twittlonger Ma’idah Lashani, currently employed as legal counsel for Epic Games and Psyonix, laid out several accusations against Morrison on June 23.

These include a wide spectrum of misconduct in several areas. Starting from disingenuous behavior when dealing with potential clients or maintaining secret friendships with owners of tournament organisations he was negotiating against.

The list of accusations also contains sexual harrassment against transgender staff members and racist remarks behind closed doors. Towards Lashani herself he allegedly also showed predatory behavior by booking a single room with only one bed for the both of them during Gamescom. According to her he then claimed it was a mistake by his assistant but he did not book a new room for the remainder of the trip.

Lashani also called out general misconduct against staff. She accuses Morrison of underpaying members of his firm as well as manipulating them via gaslighting.

Shortly after she went public Evolved Agency, where Morrison is currently employed as CEO released a statement. In it they promised an investigation and put Morrison on administrative leave until further notice.

The Esports Bar Association has now also followed with their statement removing Morrison from the board and his Vice President position.

In the past Morrison had made a reputation for himself in several different game scenes. He become known as the “Video Game Attorney” representing dozens of players in different games. Once known as the “Pioneer of Esports Player Representation” Ryan Morrison has not issued any statement in response to the accusations so far.

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Image Credit: Bill Oxford via Unsplash
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