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EDG crowned the LPL Champions after upsetting FunPlus Pheonix – Advance as the LPL’s first seed in Worlds 2021

The LPL Finals was a surprising 3-1 in favor of Edward Gaming, finding their fourth domestic title.

The 2021 LPL Summer finals was a clash between two powerhouses, Edward Gaming and FunPlux Phoenix. Neither were strangers to the finals, as both lineups were packed with former champions and seasoned veterans. FPX came into the Bo5 the clear favorites, finishing the regular season out strong and cruising through the upper bracket. EDG ultimately prevailed though, granting another long awaited title to the historic organization.

Scout & Viper – The difference makers

Though all of EDG’s players shined throughout the regular season and playoffs, their two former LCK players came in clutch when it counted the most. Lee “Scout” Ye-chan’s incredible play on Ryze took FPX to an early 2-0 series. On the brink of elimination, FPX manged to bounce back, but only for one game. While game four appeared to be a landslide for the former World Champions, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon quickly took the game out of their hands.

On Aphelios, Viper managed to keep an individual lead that soon snowballed into massively winning teamfights. EDG overcame a massive gold difference to finish out the series in title, and take their fourth LPL title.

What does this mean for Worlds?

EDG will not enter Worlds as the LPL’s first seed. For the rest of the world, this makes the group stage far scarier. FPX are undoubtedly still a strong team despite the loss, and will likely be one of the stronger 2nd seed teams available. This means that a Damwon/FPX, MAD Lions/FPX, or PSG/FPX are entirely possible.

With two seeds still up for grabs, RNG, LNG, WE, and Rare Atom will all compete for the final spots. If the finals are any indication of the depth the LPL has, this Worlds could see the league return to the top.

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