August 20, 2020
League of Legends

Biofrost starting for TSM in next playoff match?

LCS organization TSM has announced that currently both Erik “Treatz” Wessén and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang are scrimming and playing, with the best support player getting the starting position in their upcoming match on Sunday.

Support player Treatz will already see some action tonight in the Academy semifinals, where the TSM academy team takes on Evil Geniuses. Biofrost will keep scrimming with the team. With a big playoff game coming up for TSM, it looks like the team is eager to find the support who holds the best form as of now. Over the past split, Treatz and Biofrost weren’t always the most consistent players, leading to questions being raised about their future at TSM.

The past weeks we’ve mostly seen Treatz play in the starting lineup. He took to the main stage in week 6 of the LCS and looked good, having high kill participation stats and finding loads of assists with few deaths. Treatz scored lower on vision however and support Doublelift has spoken out about possibly issues when it comes to teamwork and synergy between the two of them, as he finds Treatz often plays too safe.

Biofrost started out the season with TSM but mostly couldn’t find his form and after a disappointing week of matches against Cloud 9 and Immortals he was benched in favor of Treatz. At least one of the two support players will have to step up by Sunday if TSM wants to continue their run in the playoffs.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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