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Astralis shocks the LEC, remains among the few undefeated teams


The second day of the LEC saw underdogs from the Spring Split continue to succeed. Meanwhile both the old favorites of the European scene faltered. Could new further new blood rise to challenge for the title?

Astralis continue to surprise

The ninth place team form Spring had a strong finish despite what their record might suggest. Astralis seem to have carried their momentum into Summer, as they have started off the season 2-0. Perhaps most importantly, these wins have come against fellow “middle of the pack” teams. These victories have worked in defying the low expectations that have followed the lineup ever since their re-brand into Astralis.

Felix “Magifelix” Bostrom has played a massive role in elevating the team’s overall play since his entry into the LEC. Against Excel, Magifelix had a rare performance on Akali, completely taking over the game and Astralis’ former midlaner. If Astralis can keep up this performance against MAD Lions, the narrative which has haunted the organizations will have to change.

Schalke 04 shocks G2

In the first day of games, Schalke 04 lost by the largest margin. Today, the new iteration of the roster took down Europe’s most prestigious team. Schalke largely avoided the early game misplays that plagued their first game, repeatedly exploiting G2’s losing toplane.

Schalke’s new midlaner, Ilias “NUCLEARINT” Bizriken, had an incredible day two. Once again a midlaner on Akali played a massive role in the course of the game, ending with highest KDA and DPM. Though Schalke’s days in the LEC may be numbered, it is clear the roster still has fight left.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Michal Konkel)