Among Us On Steam
September 22, 2020

Among Us reaches top 3 on Steam

The Indie game Among Us continues to climb the ranks on Twitch and subsequently sells well on Steam. Last weekend, it briefly surpassed PUBG to take the third spot on the list.

The game Among Us is nearly two years old at this point and has not received any major updates in the past few months. But because some big streamers recently picked up the game, it is the best selling game on Steam now.

According to Steam Database, the Indie title picked up so much gas that it even surpassed all-time favorite Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Because of that, it was the third-most played game on steam last weekend with close to 390k concurrent players.

The only two games still in front of Among Us are esports giants CS:GO and Dota 2. If the hype does not break down in the next few days, reaching those 500k players Dota 2 has seems possible.

The Twitch viewercount already surpassed half a million concurrent viewers multiple times. The Space Crew seems unstoppable at the moment.

Among Us’ huge success sparked a candle at developer InnerSloth’s studios, who recently announced to be working on a sequel with more features and less bugs.

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Image source: InnerSloth
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