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Rogue reveals new branding

As the LEC is set to start in a couple weeks, esports organization Rogue decided to change up their branding with some (minor) tweaks to their original logo. In a press release they talked about their reasoning behind the changes, having evolved through 2020.

Changing it up

The new Rogue logo still features their original hooded figure, but the design is a bit more minimalist and streamlined, removing some of the features of the original such as the blonde hair. We’ve seen quite a few rebrands and tweaks to different logos over the past months, as teams such as EXCEL, Team Heretics and DAMWON Gaming also decided to change things up a little to modernize their branding.


Executive Vice President of esports at Rogue, Anna Baumann, talked a little more about the decision to change up the branding. “We felt this was the right time to reflect the evolution of our brand in a visual update. […] We know how deep the love for this brand runs and we really worked together to capture the essence of our old logo while modernizing it.” The video goes on to detail the project of how the rebrand happened.

Rogue competes in multiple games, most notably League of Legends. They’ve also seen success with their rosters in games such as Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.

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Image Credit: Rogue