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Green Goblin and Hawkeye – These Fortnite collaborations are coming soon

Fitting to the recent implementation of Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Hawkeye's Clint and Kate are also headed to Fortnite.

Fortnite is pumping out collaboration after collaboration. After another Arcane partnership through a Vi skin, we are apparently headed towards more Marvel characters: Green Goblin as well as Clint and Kate from Hawkeye.

Green Goblin, Clint and Kate

Leakers and Dataminers have been busy and once again found cover images of the upcoming skins. Even how the characters look like in-game has been shown off by them.

The three skins will most likely be introduced within the next two weeks together with Vi. Green Goblin will most likely also show up as an NPC on the map, but it is not certain yet. You will be able to purchase the skins as usual in the item shop.


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Image Credits: Epic Games
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