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One Million Dollar Super Cup in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Marvel Super Series is about to reach its end. To bring it to a close players can compete in the One Million Dollar Super Cup to prove their mettle.

To top off the Marvel Super Series Epic Games has launched a tournament with a whopping one million Dollar prize pool. Through various events in the past weeks players were already able to unlock their favorite super hero skins from the Marvel universe.

After Ghost Rider, Black Widow and most recently Venom the Super Cup on November 21 will end the series with a bang.

Which format will be played?

There will be two rounds in the Super Cup. Both will happen on November 21. Players will compete in Duos. The first round will be limited to three hours in which teams have to compete in up to 10 matches of Duos. After the time runs out the teams with most points advance to the second round. The second round will feature the same rule set.

Starting from the second round the matches will be streamed on the official YouTube and Twitch channels of Fortnite. The show will begin on 19 CET for the Europeans while the East Coast in America kicks off at 17 ET.

Each region will feature a different distribution of prize money with varying starting times for the competition as well. You can find the full details on Epic Games’ official website:
One Million Super Cup – Official Rules

How to participate

For the exact starting time in your region make sure to keep an eye on the in-game Compete tab. As soon as the tournament starts you can queue for the event mode there. You will need to be at least 13 years of age and have a level 30 Epic account with activated two factor authentication to participate. Make sure to get your guardian’s permission if underage.

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Image Credit: Epic Games via Twitter: @Fortnite



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