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XQC banned again

Former Dallas Fuel player and controversial figure XQC received a 15-day ban for toxic chat behavior that threatens his position in team Canada.

Overwatch fans know the name XQC well. He is a popular streamer and one of the best Winston mains in the world right now, but his lack of self-control when it comes to expressing his emotions, and the offensive language he’s often employing has gotten him into a lot of trouble.

The Dallas tank was fined and suspended from games in the Overwatch League before for offenses including disrespecting the casters, using insensitive language towards fellow players and walking the stage barefooted, which is actually against OWL rules. The series of punishments ultimately resulted in his team letting him go for good.

For a while, XQC was uncertain if he wants to come back to the pro stage, or not. His stream enjoys large viewing numbers and he expressed his happiness towards the direction it was going. This changed when he was officially drafted in Team Canada for the upcoming World Cup.

However, this position is now in jeopardy. During stream, the player received a 15-day ban from the game, due to the standardized “Abusive Chat” label. Blizzard’s email contained the following explanation: “Your fellow players reported you for abusive language multiple times”.

Naturally, a player needs to have an Overwatch account in good standing to be able to participate in competitive events. On top of that, when it comes to the World Cup, Blizzard manually monitors every player’s conduct prior to the event to ensure eligibility.

While XQC is no stranger to controversy, he has apologized in the past and did so again this time. Now it’s up to the Overwatch team to judge if he should keep his place in the team, or be let go yet again.