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What we know about the upcoming CoD: Black Ops 4

With Call of Duty 4: Black Ops drawing closer to its release date on 12 October, we gather the bits of available information and supplement it with what the game’s devs at Treyarch themselves have shared over the course of the development process, with the occasional pinch of our own hopes and thoughts.

The slew of small clues does not reveal too much about the game itself, but it is enough to build proper hype. After having reported that BO4 is probably preparing its own battle royale mode as a gateway to the genre, it’s time to see what is known about Black Ops 4.

Battle Royale Mode

Rumours have been swirling that the single-player campaign will be completely eliminated in favour of the previously reported battle royale installation. By expanding into a new segment of first-person shooters, the studio may also be bringing the game for Nintendo Switch, which has never had a CoD version.

The single player campaign has been taken out because of the evident disinterest from the studio to develop it, we believe. In BO3, the campaign lasted mere 8 hours and it seemed like a bad rehash of the previous two versions, without any memorable action.

Rumours of a Nintendo Switch

Successfully porting CoD to Nintendo Switch would bring a worthy competitive title to the platform. One telltale sign that BO4 may truly arrive without the single-player campaign is that Treyarch has not discussed it in the slightest, talking instead about the multiplayer. In the past, the devs have always begun by broaching the single player campaign first.

Meanwhile, industry expert Marcus Stellar has pointed out that the Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble and motion controls.

No Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

Xbox 360 and PS3 will not be getting their iterations of the game as it would be technically unfeasible to scale down the game’s engine to accommodate the dated hardware of the two gaming platforms.

Picking Your Own Class, the Pick 10

BO4 may effectively bring the Pick 10 system back. In simple terms, this is the customisable platform that allows players to select ten essential features for their avatars, which was popular in BO2 and then disappeared in the sequel.

Sledgehammer Games, famous for their work on the franchise, and specifically CoD: WW2, attempted to bring back the Pick 10 system, without success.

Character Boosters

As revealed by Treyarch, the character boosters will be back. Players will be able to pick from a number of features that will upgrade their characters prowess and strength, such as dexterity, sprinting, and so forth. It would add to the overall field for customisation, making players feel independent.


Treyarch has had a good track record with Zombies. The first zombie map was introduced back in 2009 as part of COD: World at War and subsequently brushed up in BO3. With a proper eerie setting, the mode felt like a well-thought-out mini-campaign.

The characters were also quintessential for their own time, with a magician, a boxer, and a cop accompanied by a dancer all playable. For each, there was a short video to flesh out the personality of the avatar.

BO4 may see a return to a considered and goal-oriented Zombie mode. Here goes hoping.