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We told you so: a BlizzCon recap

BlizzCon came and went, and as usual, most of the predictions by came true.

Granted, developer Blizzard threw us off a couple of times, but that’s because nobody expected them to do some of the things they did. However, when it comes to educated guesses, we were right on the money, just like we have in the past.

We did some speculation right before the event. We used our game and industry knowledge as well as a bit of common sense and a touch of wishful thinking. Hey, we’re analyzers, but we’re also players of the games we talk about. You can see the list of expectations here.

Let’s recap the major esports and game news that made headlines during BlizzCon 2018.


First, we successfully predicted 2-and-a-half of the three Year of the Raven expansions in Hearthstone. You can check our article here and then the announcements here and here. For the third expansion, our scouring online found rumors of king Rastakhan and an expansion having to do with him. Lo and behold, this is exactly what Blizzard announced, much like they did with their previous work, that was geographically set in the Netherstorm and had Legendary spells.


Diablo: Immortal’s announcement seemingly came out of the blue and shocked the BlizzCon attendees, causing quite a stir in the community. However, this hardly came as a surprise here in the office. We knew for a fact that Blizzard is hiring talent for a mobile 3D game, and we knew there is a Diablo announcement coming. We connected the dots, but everything became even clearer early in October, when the company explicitly stated that no Diablo IV is on the horizon.


We expected to see a new character, one who has to do with Omnics, and one who has history with the Deadlock gang and Jesse McCree. Check, check, and check. The new hero, Ashe, is the leader of the criminal gang that McCree was part of, and she has an Omnic sidekick named B.O.B. This is pretty much as accurate as it gets.

StarCraft II

Sure, the new co-op Commander Zeratul did not break the internet – not with Serral’s historic victory to overtake all talk of StarCraft, but this does not change the fact that we called it.

All in all, this was a fruitful and successful season, and a great convention, despite the few hick-ups here and there. Keep reading for timely, credible, and dare we say – proven, quality esports content.