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Twitch Rivals’ LoL Showdown on the horizon

After announcing a series of tournaments across several games last year, Twitch is ramping up for its first such Twitch Rivals competition.

The League of Legends Showdown tournament begins on January 15 with the Round of 16, and Twitch has already released the tournament schedule.

The tournament uses a best-of-three format, but unusually for the scene, has opted for blind pick matches. The teams will be duking it out for a $75,000 prize pool. You can watch the players’ individual streams or the official spectator feed on The teams and their participants have been posted on the tournament site and on the official LoL site. Expect to see plenty of well-known names in the tournament, such as Locodoco, Imaqtpie, Tyler1, Hai and Trick2g. The names of the teams might not sound all too serious, but with both bragging rights and $75K on the line, things will be very much so.

Games in the Round of 16 will start on January 15. The following rounds will be played a week later, with the quarterfinals starting on January 21, the semifinal on January 22 and the finals and the third-place tiebreaker on January 23. The games will start from 8 p.m. UTC / 9 p.m. CET on all four days.

Thumbnail Image credit: Riot Games