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Twitch announces Rivals, streamer esports event

Streaming service Twitch have announced that they will be hosting a series of streamer competitions called Rivals.


The first such event will take place in January and will feature many of League of Legends’ best streamers, personalities and former pros. The teams will compete for a prize pool of $75,000 over two weeks, with the preliminary round of 16 scheduled for January 15 and the top eight teams duking it out between January 21 and January 23.

The last several months have seen several other major events featuring League of Legends streamers and personalities. Riot Games – the developer of League of Legends – themselves invited several major streamers to the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split finals, and the All-Star event that took place earlier this month featured tens of famous former pros and streaming stars from across the world. Likewise, one of the most (in)famous League online celebrities, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, set up a tournament of his own this fall that brought many famous streamers and ex-pros, offering a $50,000 winner-take-all prize pool.

It appears that after streaming major esports events for years, Twitch are now looking to make a mark of their own in the scene. We can no doubt expect more details in the upcoming weeks.

Thumbnail images courtesy of Twitch