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Treyarch to host special stream session for BO4 private beta

The Black Ops 4 Private beta, which, to borrow Treyarch’s own turn of phrase, was “kept under tight wraps”, is slated for a go today, August 9. The developers have decided, though, to tease out content to the people who haven’t managed to make the cut and participate in the pre-test. As a result, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook will all be broadcasting Treyarch-endorsed stream from the private beta.

Returning from August 10 through August 13, BO4 is hitting a number of platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The stream will recap the first beta sessions and will reveal what is to follow. A number of developers will also make an appearance during the stream.

Viewers can expect Co-Studio Head Dan Bunting and Tony Flame, game designer, to be joined by Game Designer Matt Scronce. The trio will be talking about everything BO4 and possibly teasing more unsuspected features.

Interested in checking out the pre-beta streaming session? Make sure to tune in to any of Treyarch channels for your platform of choice and wait for the stream airing at: 12 PM PT, 3 PM ET, 7 PM BST.