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Top 11 most amazing female Trolls of Rastakhan's Rumble

The Gurubashi Arena is a place where Trolls from all walks of life do battle – and many of them happen to be fierce warrior ladies. These are our picks for the most impressive among them, based purely on the artwork and coolness factor, and not the power level of their respective cards.

Number 11 – Snapjaw Shellfighter

We open our selection strong with a tribal warrior bursting with character. The Loa is in the details, and she has them in spades. From the badass hairstyle, to aggressive accessories, to the imposing warpainted bone blade, this is a troll who doesn’t sit around waiting for the battle – she’s always in the middle of it. And what can be said about her turtle shield? The face of the little guy is as determined and blood-thirsty as her own. Action-packed brilliance!

Number 10 – Blast Wave

Remember, we are judging aesthetics here, so Spell cards are also allowed. This Troll mage incinerates everything with her flaming hands – including herself! Does she look scared, uncertain, or insecure about it? Far from it. Her determined look and heroic posture have only one message to convey – “come and get it!” As the song goes, this girl is on fire!

Number 9 – Spellzerker

What a perfect combo of name and artwork! She is just that – a spell-crazy mage who gets mad with power the more she feels the mana flowing through her body. The horn-shaped hairpiece invokes a sense of mischief and ill-intent. Or, you know, you can simply look at her crazy glowing eyes and the ball of pure energy she’s holding to get the memo. I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing in front of this lady down there at the Arena.

Number 8 – Firetree Witchdoctor

In a rather drastic change of style from the previous three, here we have a Witchdoctor. She is wearing the traditional mask and the garb of her people and her right hand is glowing with the Light, indicating a healing ritual. Her entire body is bent in a dance and her long and beautiful hair shows the feminine and more gentle side of the Trolls.

Number 7 – Saronite Taskmaster

This is a lady with a long chain and all the know-how in using it. Her body language signifies a bossy and confident attitude, while her blazing-red Mohawk speaks of fiery temper. The green magic emitting from the skulls on her shoulder pieces speak of dark energies flowing through her. The poor Draenei slave in the back has long given up in opposing this dangerous woman.

Number 6 – Bloodscalp Strategist

This traditional illustration screams high fantasy. The archer is depicted on the stairs of the Gurubashi Arena, taking full advantage of the high ground. This speaks to her merits as a strategist and someone who uses their brain just as much as their muscles in battle.

Number 5 – Zombie

Yeah, this might be just a small token creature, but it bursts with character! The bandages covering her entire body signify that it has been through quite the ordeal, while her ritual garments and bejeweled ornaments speak of the connection with the spirit world and the importance of symbolism in the Troll culture. And let’s be frank – while her body looks weak, nobody would want to be scratched by those claws.

Number 4 – Ice Cream Peddler

A much-needed infusion of color after the grim Zombie! Unlike most of her sisters, this particular Troll has a rather unintimidating appearance. Rather, her bright colors and wide smile signify playfulness, friendly attitude, and a great selection of refreshments! Some of the delicatessen she has to offer include frog, griffin, Murloc, and annoy-o-tron-shaped ice-creams. Yum!

Number 3 – Princess Talanji

That’s how raw power looks like. The daughter of a mighty king who strikes deals with spirits of death and conquers entire empires, she is not one to take orders or make compromises with anyone. Her iconic pose is reminiscent of the King of Winter from Game of Thrones – an effect strengthened by her shadowy minions watching her back, waiting for her command to strike.

Number 2 – Savage Striker

Drawn in a drastically different aesthetic, this rider just has this little something about her. Her posture is gracious and stoic and the contrast with her pale blues and her mount’s bright reds creates a dynamic and eye-catching look. While the round window on the card would normally restrict the view and somewhat limit the artist, the composition uses this boundary as a tool to increase the impact of the piece. She looks ready to pop out of the picture frame any moment now.

Number 1 – Captain Hooktusk

Yes, we did talk about her already, but that shouldn’t prevent her from being the winner of today’s roundup. The team has a soft spot for pirates and she is probably the most pirate-y minion in the game right now! Every pixel of the card is stuffed full of detail – from her weapons, to the clothing, accessories and all the way to the background. She is an adventurer, a trouble-maker and a swash-buckler extraordinaire and she conveys that with every aspect of her illustration. Yarr!