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Tom60229 crowned Hearthstone World Champion in Amsterdam

The Hearthstone World Championship ended in spectacular fashion last night. Some of the best players to date showed what they’re capable of, marking the event with unseen before risk-taking, next level decision-making, and world-class skill.

The final day opened with a match between Frank “Fr0zen” Zhang and Jason “JasonZhou” Zhou. The surprise of the event – Fr0zen’s Big Spell Mage deck was banned, so he turned to his Cube Warlock instead to face Zhou’s Aggro Druid. Dropped to only 2 health, Fr0zen let his removal spell do the work and secure his place by the Finalist hearth with a 2-3 result.

Next game met Jung-Soo “Surrender” Kim and Chen “tom60229” Wei Lin. Tom showed unprecedented calm and kept his resolve at all times, while Surrender was looking visibly nervous, straight-up talking to himself at times. Both players showed an amazing level of play and fought to the bitter end, but tom60229 ultimately emerged victorious with a 3-1 score.

The tensions were higher than ever as the two finalists approached the stage and shook hands.

Fr0zen was looking confident, armed with his signature Big Spell Mage. On the other end of the table, tom60229’s expression rivaled the one on his Malfurion – pure focus and calm. The battle was fierce and dramatic, to say the least. Fr0zen took the first two games and for a second the title seemed decided there and then. However, the Eastern contender had something else in mind. After winning the next two matches, it all came down to a Jade Druid mirror standoff to end it all. The crowd went crazy when the victor was announced – tom60229 was the new world champion.

Keeping his calm even after the game, tom60229 was short on words, saying simply “I didn’t feel in top shape today, but I couldn’t feel better now”.

In an earlier interview, he stated that winning this tournament was very important to him, as it would bring more interest and new players from his home country – Taiwan.