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The Shock are back

Week 3 of Stage 3 began with a bang. Games are getting more intense every time, and teams keep surprising their fans. SF Shock are one such team.

Los Angeles Gladiators 2-3 Los Angeles Valiant

The week opened with a Los Angeles versus Los Angeles clash. The Gladiators are in it to win it. You can see this by the way they play. They really click as a team and their aggressive playstyle manages to catch their opponents off-guard many times.

Agilities unleashed his RIP-tire and found three opponents. This was not enough to break the tight formation of the Gladiators though. With some heavy healing from Mercy and Zenyatta, they managed to withstand all the assaults of the Valiant and took the first map 1-0.

Battle escalated seriously during map two. The 2-2 tie was broken in the Overtime as the greens barely managed to push the payload to the final destination in the last seconds.

Map three was way more one-sided with the Valiant taking a convincing 0-2 victory, but their success was short lived, because the Gladiators lashed right back, scoring a 3-1 and forcing their neighbours to meet them on the tiebreak proving grounds.

And yet again, the teams showed intense gameplay that kept viewers, commentators and players biting their nails. It all came down to a 1-1 stalemate on point B came to a 99%-99% tie had to be broken and it was Agilities who had the high honour. Armed with Pharah and taking a strategic position above the battlefield, ha managed to eliminate a trio of the purple-clad shieldbearers and won the match for his team.

Dallas Fuel 0-4 San Francisco Shock

The Sock left little room for the Fuel to breathe in this intense firefight. They took the first map practically uncontested, and it was off to Blizzard World. Dallas took the payload and started pushing it forward, but Danteh made sure the process is slow and painful. With time the Fuel lost grip of the objective. It was San Francisco’s turn. Not to be left behind, new recruit Architect made sure he steps back and snipes the enemy with deadly precision. Not before long the payload reached its destination and it was off to map three. Dallas took the first point, but the success was short-lived, as the Shock quickly tied up. In amazing play. Seagull’s own Mei walled his teammates into a self-destruct by Nevix and the situation wiped out five players.

The last game ended up too quickly. The first point was taken so fast by San Francisco, that the Fuel couldn’t even pop their already prepared ults. The payload slowly but steadily was moving towards the final objective and the game was over. Amuch-neededd victory for the Shock and a nasty defeat for Dallas.

Shanghai Dragons 1-3 Seoul Dynasty

What a way for the day to end! The Dragons still fight to prove themselves, while the Tigers are not in the perfect place with their two defeats and two victories.

Fleta picked Widowmaker for the first match and got to work. Kept at a safe distance, he took the role of a gatekeeper for the entrance to the objective. Shanghai took a point, but lost the match.

For the second map, Geguri had something to say and kept alive by Freefeel tanked beautifully. However, Munchkin put his Roadhog hook to good use and Fleta backed him up with serious damage. After much fighting, the map was won for Seoul.

The two teams kept fighting shoulder-to-shoulder and none of them really took the lead for a long time, up until the final battle on Ilios. The heavy armour and the excellent support from Fiveking’s Lucio turned up to be the golden formula, as the Dynasty were completely wiped in the last seconds and the map was won by the Chinese.

Shanghai really organised their defence and Geguri stood alone atop the payload for what seemed like forever. Diya came rushing in with his Soldier 76 and they overpowered their rivals. The payload reached its destination and it was 2-0 for the reds. Seoul had to do something, and they took a Dive formation. Using the same exact formula that won them the first two matches, they left Miro go ahead with his Winston, while Fleta shoots the enemies for afar. Not before long the payload ticked all three marks and the intense matchup was over. With amazing plays like these, it’s a wonder that the Dragons weren’t victorious that day. By Seoul Dynasty are not your average Overwatch team and it appears that no matter how good Shanghai are, they’ll still need to improve if they are to breach the brick wall that is the Tigers.