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The return of Midas Mode: Sir Sadim’s Revenge

The fan-favorite Dota 2 event Midas Mode is set to make a return later this year.

A trailer was released by Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner, who works for the organizers of the event Moonduck. In case you’ve missed it, you can check the video below.

Video credit: SirActionSlacks.

Just at the end of it, we see a familiar face – none other than Travis “Maut” Bueno. He last stepped down from his position in Moonduck to take a new career opportunity in IT, but Midas Mode 2.0 was perhaps simply too good to miss out on.

The tournament is unlike any other we’ve seen so far and the first edition took place back in November 2017. What differed Midas Mode from any other event is the specific rules, economy and bounty system it introduced. Players and teams had to not only think about the current game, but also how much they’d spend on it and future ones, as every hero had a specific cost. The more popular ones would be expensive and vice versa – heroes with low pick rate cost less.

Video credit: Moonduck.

Collecting bounties, specific challenges that rewarded teams with extra money, allowed them to replenish their stash. Judging from the fact that the first trailer came out on February 20, 2017, and now the second one arrived roughly around the same time, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to expect Midas Mode 2 in the last quarter of 2019. All of the money provided by the event went to charity the first time and that’ll most likely happen again. Sponsors in 2017 included Ginx TV, Kennedy Space Center, Bomb Sauce, and Antlion.

Right now, as mentioned in the video, Moonduck are still looking for sponsors, a venue and teams, so the online event might take some time before it’s fully ready. Despite it being an online tournament, fans will be able to get tickets and visit the venue where they’ll be able to meet the panel.

Image credit: Moonduck.