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The results from Hearthstone’s Inn-vitational are here

The Rastakhan Rumble Inn-vitational games are over and we have our champions.

Just like we previously reported, the Inn-vitaitonal friendly tournament took place online and pitted some of Hearthstone’s best players for the enjoyment of fans and the glory of Loa – the powerful Troll spirits who engage in the battles within the walls of the Gurubashi Arena.

Every competitor had to choose a Loa they wanted to represent and play in best-of-five Conquest games with no bans. This is what happened in short:

Alliestrasza 3-2 DdaHyoNi

The day was opened with a dramatic reverse sweep in which South Korea took a 2-0 lead only to suffer three consecutive defeats at the hands of Alliestrasza from team Fate2Karma. The USA competitor managed to outplay DdaHyoNi’s aggressive Bat deck with a classic Jaina elemental blend packing tons of lifesteal and spell damage, which was more than enough to win the war of attrition and out-sustain her opponent.

SamuelTsao 1-3 Sintolol

In the battle between the EU and Asia-Pacific, we saw a convincing victory for the German contestant. SamuelTsao won the very first game with his Elemental Mage, but lost all three of the rest to Sinto’s unstoppable Odd Paladin and Beat-heavy Hunter.

AKAWonder 2-3 Bloodtrail

Next up was the Spanish captain and SK Gaming legend AKAWonder versus veteran Bloodtrail. Wonder had a very strong start and opened with a 2-0, but Bloodtrail did a page from Allie’s book and executed an exciting reverse sweep, ultimately winning the matchup. In the very last game, Warrior versus Warrior mirror, AKAWonder armed with his Dr. Boom hero managed to clear the board and remove all threats, but was himself at only 1 Life point. Since his deck was completely drawn, all Bloodtrail had to do to win was…nothing! Realizing that, Wonder conceded, denying his opponent the potential chance to let the turn swing for 75 seconds. And he did it with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.

Rhdgurwns 3-2 Dog

Another matchup full of twists and turns concluded in great sportsmanship by Dog. The initial 0-2 lead was lost completely in yet another reverse sweep. Seeing his inevitable defeat at the hands of a massive army of elementals, he chose not to concede and finished the game. Rhdgurwns’ victory wrapped up the whole event nicely.

The deck lists from the affair will soon start circulating the internet, so fans everywhere will be able to give them a try. Keep coming to for your daily Hearthstone fix!