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Thailand Esports Federation signs MOU with dentsu X

By Aaron Oh eSports 19 Jan 2019

The Thailand Esports Federation (TESF), a governing body used to manage esports in Thailand, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with marketing agency dentsu X in December last year.

This was meant to help TESF explore development opportunities with dentsu X as a strategic partner. As part of this MOU, the TESF will turn to the expertise of dentsu X for consultation on marketing and monetization opportunities.

Dentsu Inc, the parent company of dentsu X, also signed a marketing agreement with the Japan Esports Union to offer similar services.

According to the announcement, dentsu X will help the TESF in seeking sponsorships and securing other revenue streams to facilitate the development of esports in Thailand. The agency will also lend its marketing expertise to guide TESF in the space of key online influencers, media and broadcasting rights.

Managing Director of dentsu X Thailand Kazuo Koike said:

“The signing of the MOU manifests the local agency’s capabilities in pushing the development of sports marketing a step further, particularly nurturing and developing a sustainable esports ecosystem in Thailand. We are all very proud to have been instrumental in initiating and forging this partnership.”

Since it became officially recognized by the Thailand Sports Authority, the TESF has become a member of International e-Sports Federation. This recognition has been a welcome move by the esports community as they face ongoing skepticism by several other Thailand governing bodies, including the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Social Development.

All of the above ministries still harbor the view that esports have harmful effects on children. This is definitely an ongoing conversation that Thailand will need to have with the different communities, especially as Thailand is now becoming a popular venue for esports events and tournaments.

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