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Tencent interested in Dota 2 Auto Chess

The Chinese game giant Tencent have shown interest in the widely popular mod Auto Chess which was born in the Dota 2 arcade.

Auto Chess initially exploded in popularity in China where streamers often played it. This trend quickly transitioned into the West where some famous Dota 2 personalities and pro players have made it the main theme of their broadcast. News of Tencent’s potential interest in turning the mod into a standalone mobile game came from Reddit where user qwer4790 shared a survey sent by the company. Some of the questions included asked people why they think Auto Chess is so addictive and would they like to see the title playable on mobile.

Image credit /u/qwer4790

If you’re interested in the Auto Chess mod itself and want to know more, there’s also a dedicated thread where the developers answer a fair number of questions. According to them, the people behind the game have no intention to turn it into a standalone title for now, despite having offers from multiple companies. For now, they’re focused on providing regular updates and expanding the number of characters and viable strategies within Auto Chess. By the looks of it, Tencent most likely won’t be tempting the developers anytime soon. It’s curious if Valve will make a move of their own, as the mod was born in Dota 2 and currently has about 50 times more active players than Artifact.