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Tekken World Tour returns in 2019

The Tekken World Tour is set to come back in 2019 with plenty of changes and $185 000 in prize money.

Yesterday, BANDAI NAMCO revealed details about the upcoming fighting tournament which will have more than 25 international stops.

We see some notable differences compared to last year, most importantly, the extra two categories – Master+ and Dojo. Master+ will be exclusive to EVO. Dojo events make their first appearance in 2019 and their goal will be to promote fighting game competition throughout the globe. Organizers will be able to apply for their Tekken 7 tournaments to be recognized by TWT and reward ranking points. This will no doubt help the scene grow exponentially as it provides so many possibilities. You can find more details about it on the TWT official website.

Additionally, the Evolution Championship Series 2019 in Las Vegas will also be part of the TWT along with Combo Breaker and other popular events. As mentioned in the tweet above, the finals will be held in Bangkok later this year with a base prize pool of $100,000. The latter will be increased even further thanks to in-game purchases, much like what we’ve seen other games do. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc Vice President of Marketing Eric Hartness commented:

“Every year, the Tekken World Tour has set the stage for some of the most dramatic stories to come out of the esports world, and we look forward to entertaining the millions of fighting game fans around the globe with another great season of high-level competitive Tekken 7 play!”

With the whole season offering more than $185,000 and over 25 locations worldwide, it seems like the most promising one so far. Fans from almost every corner of the globe will be able to show off their skills.

Image credit: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.