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Tekken producer to lead BANDAI NAMCO esports strategy

Katsuhiro Harada, the game producer best known for his work on Tekken, will assume control of the esports team in BANDAI NAMCO.

The news came this Thursday with Harada himself posting an update on his Twitter both in English and Japanese.

Harada has been with the company ever since the first Tekken game back in 1994. Currently, BANDAI NAMCO have three rather fresh titles – Soulcalibur VI, Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. The latter was a huge success and was well received by both fans and critics worldwide. The final event is still not before us, as the Final Summoning will take on January 26-27 in Los Angeles, California. Some rumors in the community claimed that after it’s set and done, the competitive future of Dragon Ball FighterZ remained uncertain since it was pulled from big events like EVO Japan. Harada debunked those claims directly with his explanation on Twitlonger where he confirmed that all three current titles of BANDAI NAMCO already have great plans for 2019:

And first I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who held and/or participated in various tournaments this year. We at BANDAI NAMCO are committed to expand the horizons of both tournament and community scenes of these 3 franchises.
We are already planning to have as many official tournaments as possible for next year—while continue supporting tournaments held by the community.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to figure out ways where we can assist tournaments and community activities in the future.”

There’s still no explanation why Dragon Ball FighterZ was removed from EVO Japan and Anime Ascension, but hopefully we’ll get one soon. In the meantime, Harada is the perfect choice as the face of BANDAI NAMCO as he’s widely respected by fans and his direct approach is what the community needed. Further details on what the company plans for 2019 will be revealed next year, for now we’ll just have to take Hamada’s word for it.