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Team Splyce victorious at Halo World Championships

Esports team Splyce has clinched a victory, besting former OpTic Gaming roster TOX Gaming in the Halo World Championships grand finals. Splyce won the big pot worth $500,000, and TOX Gaming came up second and added $200,000 to their war chest.

TOX were the absolute favourite after having won the event twice in a roll prior to the weekend defeat. In the days leading up to the competition, nobody doubted that Splyce and TOX would meet at the end, though.

Both teams managed to progress with respectable 3-0 records. When the teams finally collided, TOX set the tempo, notching a close 100-99 victory from Splyce on Eden Strongholds. However, Splyce established dominance right after Game 1 and managed to relegate TOX to the loser’s bracket.

Not all was lost, and the team returned to meet TOX in yet another game at the grand finals. Hoping to win for a third consecutive year, TOX suffered a defeat from the newly risen Splyce and finished second.

While the competitive future of the Halo franchise remains uncertain and the work of grassroots movements, Splyce are comfortably atop the Halo competitive scene. Any chance to change this could come in the next year’s iteration of the event.