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Team Liquid get on board with win against MAD Team

In a game both teams needed to take to keep their hopes alive, North America's Team Liquid found a confidence-boosting win against the LMS' MAD Team.

Despite the expectations in favor of Liquid, it was surprisingly MAD who took the first blood, Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso’s Taliyah taking picking up the kill on Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung in a bot-lane gank at three minutes. The NA team hung in the game, however, and eventually took the gold lead.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

MAD Team overstepped at the botlane tower and Liquid punished them perfectly, finding a triple Alistar knockup into a triple Shen taunt to get three kills 15 minutes in that extended their gold advantage to around 3k. The NA team continued to dominate the mid-game, taking no risks as they gradually extended their advantage. Despite a significant deficit in gold and power, MAD team were able to hold their opponents for a surprisingly long time, and Team Liquid themselves played a risk-averse style, determined not to throw away their lead. The American side finallytook the baron 33 minutes in, killing the enemy jungler in the contest. With it, they broke the base open, took a big teamfight and ended the game to pick up their first win.

Team Liquid found a much-needed win, and were able to do it in a very controlled manner after a poor start at Worlds. They are still facing an uphill battle, however, as they are currently third and must take a win off either KT Rolster or EDward Gaming to advance.