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Team Liquid dispatches 100 Thieves to stay on top of LCS

2018 LCS champion Team Liquid fended off 100 Thieves' challenge to remain on top of the LCS standings.

Liquid had the early advantage, with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng securing first blood on his lane opponent Bae “Bang” Jun-sik six minutes into the game. While the Thieves replied with a successful gank top several minutes later, their woes in the bottom lane continued, and an extended siege of the tower 12 minutes in saw their bot lane pair killed. Liquid retained a small lead as the mid-game began despite the continued focus their opponents put on the top lane, and eventually extended it as the pressure on Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong started to be punished by the rest of his teammates, who took several kills and exploited the focus to get several towers. A big fight in the Thieves' jungle 23 minutes in ended with two kills and the last 100T tower outside of their base falling to Liquid, who at this point were well in control of the game.

Video credit: Riot Games

That control nearly slipped three minutes later when their attempt to take the first baron was spotted and the TL players were pushed out of the baron pit, but when the 100 Thieves squad opted to finish the baron, TL jungler Jake Kevin “Impact” Puchero secured it for his team. Liquid's baron push was blunted by a strong defense, however, and 100 Thieves even won a 2-0 fight in front of their middle inhibitor 30 minutes in. Still, it was not enough to change the course of the game, and the TL squad remained in the lead: when it took two kills in a big mid-lane teamfight 33 minutes in, it easily ended the game.

With this win, Liquid continues their undefeated streak for 2019 and, having defeated two of the best teams from last year, looks set to be a force to be reckoned with once again. Their map control and individual plays were on point, and the team is likely to be a favorite for 2019 as well.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games