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Team Envy sets up Fortnite squad

Team Envy has become the latest eSports organisation to set up its Fortnite team, shortly after the Swedes from Red Reserve. The team has managed to attract 29-year-old KingRichard, a known face in streams and a distinctly high-skilled competitor.

With over 570,000 followers on Twitch and edging closer to 10 million views, KingRichard is a recognisable name on the landscape of professional gaming. He has demonstrated stellar plays in many of his late-night match-ups.

On one occasion, he managed to score 19 kills without suffering a single wound from terrain or foe. The addition of Richard to Team Envy’s burgeoning Fortnite squad is important to the organisation’s CEO Mike Rufail. Rufail had this to say:

‘Richard's personality and top-level gameplay make for a great match. We are thrilled to support him in expanding his brand and the authentic connections he makes with fans. We know the future of the EnVy name in Fortnite is in good hands.’

Fortnite is definitely primed to take off as a competitive title owing to its popularity and a steady stream of investment. FaZe Clan has been another organisation to recently announce its entry into Fortnite, and add a somewhat ill-famed streamer to its roster, in what some suspect was a ploy to draw attention to the newly-formed Fortnite division.