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Team Envy quits competitive Halo scene

Team Envy has become the latest eSports organisation to phase out its operations from the Halo competitive scene. In an official statement on Twitter, the company announced that it will no longer field a Halo competitive squad. As a result, the current roster will have to look into new competitive options.

Envy first entered competitive Halo in 2015 and its brief history, the squad managed to notch up several trophies, including the ESL Burbank held in December 2016, followed by another victory at UMG Daytona in May 2017.

In February, Envy’s line-up joined Boys in Blue and competed on their behalf. The team hovered around the top spots of all competitions it participated in. Envy’s Justin ‘Pistola’ Deese also managed a victory at the 2018 Halo Championships, finishing third and winning respectable $100,000 in prize money.

Envy hasn’t said that it would not return to the scene later on, but it has become the latest major organisation to leave the Halo competitive scene, which makes one doubt about the future of the game itself.  Previously, OpTic Games also called it quits from competitive Halo back in March.

Team Envy’s roster consisted of Justin ‘Pistola’ Deese, Jesse ‘bubudubu’ Moeller, Joseph ‘TriPPPeY’ Taylor, Tom ‘Saiyan’ Wilson, and the team was trained by Emanuel ‘Hoaxer’ Lovejoy.