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Strong start for G2 against Origen

What looked as simply a strange draft for G2 blossomed into a hellish poke composition that they used to demolish Origen in their first game of the season.

Luka "Perkz" Perković’s long-awaited professional debut in the bot lane did not come with a traditional AD carry as he took Zoe, staying true to his mid laner roots. However, things did not look good for the Croatian at the start of the game, as he struggled against Patrik "Patrik" Jírů’s Draven, and died several times in the early game to well-placed Dark Binding by Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodríguez’ Morgana. Origen focused on the bottom lane bore fruit and the team looked to be on the right track in the first 15 minutes. G2 were right on their heels, however, and eventually came out ahead after taking the first two towers several minutes later.

G2’s composition showed what it can do three minutes later in as they poked down Patrik before killing him as retreated with a Karthus ultimate; with the fed AD carry gone, they chased for one more kill and an inner tower to extend to nearly 3K at the 20-minute mark. It was a game of cat and mouse as Origen had to dodge skillshot after skillshot, having few ways to get an engage against their opponents’ long-range composition, and eventually they slipped. A catch on Mithy in his jungle 23 minutes in caught his team off-guard and G2 quickly took down three, following up with the baron. Origen found no way to get back into the game, eventually getting aced trying to chase a kill. G2 pushed towards the base, taking two inhibitors before drawing back, but their opponents desperate attempt to take some kills back ended with another ace that finished the game.

It was a masterful execution of an unusual draft for G2, who are well on their way to confirm the expectations that they would be one of the top teams in Europe. Origen had a good beginning to their game, but it all went wrong in the last ten minutes. Still, the roster looks to be solid, and the game gives us hope in one of the areas they were often doubted – the bottom lane. Origen’s roster has potential – but it was not able to realize it tonight.