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Streamer gets banned after receiving fellatio on Twitch

By Ivan Popov eSports 11 Jan 2019

Yet another, in a long line of Twitch streamers, gets banned after some NSFW material in a recent broadcast.

The streamer, username “etole11”, could clearly be seen receiving oral sex from a woman, presumably his partner, while streaming to the public. The illicit act was obvious as he was holding the girl’s hair up and away from her face, while her head can be seen bobbing up and down on the screen. Furthermore, his facial cues and exhilarated expressions, accompanied by smacking noises below his torso and a shaky camera, complete the picture of oral sex being broadcast to everyone around the world tuned into his channel.

If that’s not convincing enough, as soon as a donator asked “etole11” if he was being “given head” by his lady, said woman emerged from the area of his crotch and rolled out on the floor, in an effort to fix her… disorderly appearance. The streamer denied anything going on, saying “Nah, that’s against terms and policies, obviously.” Giggling, etole11 and his partner looked dazed and confused, as they smiled into the camera.

Very shortly after the clip went viral on Reddit and other web platforms, etole11’s channel was banned. Thus, he joins the myriad of channels that have been suspended from Twitch for violating their strict terms of service and policies related to sexual content.

The moral of the story is, if you absolutely have to be pleasured in front of a live audience, at least don’t let it show. Otherwise you’ll get banned from Twitch for being, get ready for it… twitchy.